Students meeting the below eligibility guidelines may qualify for a 50% tuition discount. Students qualifying for these discounts will receive a rate equivalent to 50% of the fall rate for their program, regardless of the term in which the student is enrolled. (The summer rate will be 50% of the tuition rate for the upcoming fall semester.)

Students in programs offering the Professional and Off-Campus Programs rate are not eligible for an additional 50% tuition discount, as the rate for their program is already discounted.    

This discount is offered to full-time administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, special educators, and librarians who are currently employed in a Catholic preschool, elementary, or secondary school and are enrolled in a degree-seeking program.

To receive the discount, students must submit confirmation of their employment at the start of each semester. Confirmation letters must:

  • Be dated (date should be no earlier than one month prior to the start of the semester in which the discount is desired)
  • Be on school or district letterhead
  • State the position title
  • Verify that the student is employed full-time
  • Be signed by either the school principal, superintendent, or the human resources department (if the student is the principal or superintendent they may not be the signatory on the letter)

Letters should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies ( and the candidates Education Faculty Advisor no later than later than the add/drop deadline for the semester in which the discount is desired.  

Professional Tuition Rate

All students studying in the Department of Education Graduate Secondary Education MA program are eligible for the Professional Tuition Rate. The current rate for AY 23-34 is $1,250/credit hour. Please see this link for the most recent information on rates and eligibility: