Applying for the OSSE (DC) Standard Teaching Credential (License)

The complete process for applying for your OSSE Standard Teaching Credential is outlined on the OSSE website, see this link  OSSE Standard Teacher Credential. Catholic University of America Teacher Education Program graduates are pursuing Option 1: In-State Program Completer. Please review all of the requirements. It is your responsibility to apply for your Teaching Credential. Catholic University is not able to initiate or complete this process for you. 

Interstate (Reciprocity) Agreement

The OSSE in DC participates in the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) Interstate Agreement. This organization facilitates the ability of Educators to transfer their teaching credentials to states and territories participating in the network. Candidates should check this listing on the NASDTEC website for a full list of participating US States and Territories. 

If you plan to obtain a license in another state/ US territory, the easiest way of doing so is to obtain a teaching credential from OSSE first by applying the semester of graduation. You will then submit this credential to the Department of Education in State or Territory for review. You should also contact the Department of Education in the state/territory where you are planning to teach to learn what other requirements you may need to fulfill in addition to providing your OSSE Teaching Credential. For example, in some states, like Texas and Alaska, you may need to complete a course in state history for certification. 

The following table provides quick links to some of the participating state/territory Department of Education websites for easier reference:

Alabama Illinois Nevada Rhode Island
Arkansas Indiana New Hampshire South Carolina
California Kentucky New Jersey Tennessee
Colorado Louisiana New Mexico Texas
Connecticut Maine New York Utah
Delaware Maryland North Carolina Vermont
Department of Defense Schools Massachusetts North Dakota Virginia
Florida Michigan Ohio Washington
Georgia Mississippi Oklahoma West Virginia
Hawaii Montana Oregon Wyoming
Idaho Nebraska Pennsylvania  


Adding an Teaching Endorsement to OSSE Credential

OSSE allows candidates to apply to add an Endorsement Standard Credential in another subject area to their Standard Teaching Credential by passing the associated PRAXIS II content and pedagogy tests. In essence, this is an “exam only” option which means you do not need to take any additional coursework to obtain the endorsement. 

For instance, an Elementary program completer could apply for an Early Childhood credential endorsement as long as they pass the ECE PRAXIS II content and pedagogy tests. Or a Secondary Education major could apply to add a Middle School endorsement as long as they pass the Middle Childhood Praxis II content and pedagogy test. 

Candidates may apply for the endorsement concurrently with the application for the DC Standard Credential in their major program.  Link to Information on OSSE Adding Teaching Endorsements