Katherine Strosnider is currently in Lufubu, Zambia in Africa. For the past five months, she has been working on the curriculum for the Agriculture School run by the Salesians. Lufubu does not currently have any early childhood education, so she is also working alongside the Salesians and the government to open a preschool in Lufubu. They hope this will help to improve the villagers' school performance as a result of earlier exposure to English.

Katherine Strosnider

Rachel Youngberg is currently doing a year of service in Honduras with an organization called Amigos de Jesús. ADJ is a children's home for abused and abandoned children, and she is living with 5 other volunteers while working as an English teacher at their bilingual school. In Honduras, there is a program called EducaTodos for students who need more personalized help and do not succeed in a general education classroom for whatever reason. Rachel teaches three different levels/classes of EducaTodos English. Her students range from 9-18 years old, and some are near fluent in English while others know close to nothing. "I am loving my job and life here! Thanks to Catholic University for preparing me for this teaching adventure!"

Rachel Youngberg